Wit Inc.

The company WIT from Suwon City is specialising in manufacturing high-quality probe stations for the measurement of semiconductors.

Probe stations are used to physically acquire signals from the internal nodes of a semiconductor device.

The company’s probe stations are widely used by many universities, companies and research institutes in South Korea. The model APX-10, for example, has a compact structure with an easy to-move body. It is designed for users to change or modify components easily such as micro-positioner, probe tip, temperature variable chuck, cable connection type and the specifications of microscope on the measurement purpose of end users. Because of its simple structure, it has advantages in maintenance and modification by the requirements of customers and environment of measurement. It is compatible to various measuring instruments. And it effectively measure electrical properties of micro-scaled elaborate device samples as positioning and controlling probes with micro-positioners. The maximum sample stage size is 300mm. Furthermore, with covering the system with the optional dark shield box, APX-10 can provide more stable and precise results by eliminating the external noise effect.

In addition to Probe Stations, WIT also offers anti-vibration tables, manual and motorized movement stages, an AdMOS Flicker Noise system measuring system and more.

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