Successful Mission from Suwon, South Korea to the Netherlands

The South-Korean delegation welcomed by Mr. Peter de Kruijk, Deputy Managing Director, Amsterdam Inbusiness.

(f.l.t.r. Mr. K.T. Lee, Coordination Officer, Suwon City Government, Mr. Je Seung Lee, Korean interpreter, Mr. SeonGee Paek, President, SOO IL Inc., Mr. Peter de Kruijk, Deputy Managing Director, Amsterdam Inbusiness, Ms. Malou Brantjes, Project Manager, Amsterdam Inbusiness, Mr. Bum-soo Kim, President, Platformbase, Mr. Sang Jin Han, Korean Interpreter, Mr Seong Hak Kim, Korean Interpreter, Ms. Maaike Abels, Project Manager, Holland Matchmaking)

May 2017, Amsterdam

A delegation of six companies from the city of Suwon in South Korea visited Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, on 17, 18 and 19 May. The mission was co-organised by the Chamber of Commerce of the City of Suwon, Amsterdam In Business and Holland Matchmaking,

During their visit, the Korean delegates met Dutch businessmen who are potentially interested in the products offered by the visiting companies.

These product varied from e-paper displays, polyamide pellets, probe stations to LED lighting and technology and electronic locks for corporate use.

Business Matching meetings were held at the Amsterdam Chamber of Commerce building, facilitated by Amsterdam In Business, at the TU Delft and in the Mercure Hotel in Amsterdam Sloterdijk.

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