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SOO IL Polyamide Pellets for Automotive products

With the Synthetic Polyamide pellets developed by the company SOO IL from Suwon in South Korea manufacturers for the automotive industry can achieve weight reduction in products such as Chain Rings, Rollers, Sprocket Gears and Timing Pulleys.

The pellets also lower the production costs of these products, they are eco-friendly as well as anti-static.

The synthetic polyamide pellets make it possible to maintain a consistent stength so that the polyamide can replace aluminium or zinc alloy.

Some Key features are:

  1. Very high strength
  2. Suitable to to replace die cast items
  3. No shrinking
  4. Clear surface

SOO IL also produces Synthetic polyamides that can be used as Transferring Materials for Clean Rooms.

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Matchmaking Meetings

SOO IL Inc. is looking for an agent/importer/distributor and/or vendors dealing with Vehicle Weight Reduction Material Automotive or Transferring Materials for a Clean room.

Click here to sign up for a meeting with Mr. SeonGee Paek, President, SOO IL Inc.
Multiple appointments with various delegates are possible. Please click here for a list of the visiting delegation from Suwon, South Korea.

The meetings on 18 May 2017 are informal and without any obligation. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us.

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