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ICT Compact Digital Security Solution
It is the locking system based on an innovative digital security platform that provides superior reliability, serviceability and security to mechanical locks, while maintaining the compact size.

PLATFORMBASE Digital Locking System provides various solutions

  • One Key Solution: a single digital key can be authorized to access multiple digital locks.
  • Multi-user Solution: more than one digital key can access a single digital lock.
  • Time-based Authorization: set customized access schedules for digital keys to contact digital locks.
  • Real-time management.
  • Audit trail: access history of digital key and digital lock are stored in the lock as well as the key, and viewed with data when, where and who access digital locks.


  • Secure:
    • Encrypted authorization for digital key and digital lock.
    • Digital key Password use for double authentication.
    • No copied digital keys.
    • No picked digital locks.
  • Convenient:
    • No need to replace digital lock when digital key is lost.
    • Micro-B USB charge for digital key.
    • No battery in digital lock.
    • Strong tolerance to such outer environment changes as electric shock and power failure.
  • Scalable:
    • Possible to expand via interfaces with other systems.
    • Compact size enable to provide a broad range of applications.

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Matchmaking Meetings

Platformbase Inc. is looking for importers / distributors and/or system install companies for security of banks, warehouses, telecom equipment, military supplies

Click here to sign up for a meeting with Mr. Kim Bumsoo, President, PLATFORMBASE Inc.
Multiple appointments with various delegates are possible. Please click here for a list of the visiting delegation from Suwon, South Korea.

The meetings on 18 May 2017 are informal and without any obligation. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us.

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