EneBrain Inc.

#306, 8, Suseoung-ro, Gwonseon-gu,
Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do,
South Korea (441-814)
Tel : +82 (70) 4231-9872
W: www.enebrain.com
E-mail: info@enebrain.com

The Led Light with AC Direct LED Drivers made by the South Korean company Enebrain offer a number of significant advantages over traditional SMPS. They have an output of up to 75 watts, a power efficiency of over 92%, a High Power Factor of 95% and have very low emissions (under 20%).

The LED drivers are miniaturized, measuring just 8×8 mm (~25W) and 10x10mm (50W). The offer an Over-Voltage Protection of up to 140%.

More information about the Led Light with AC Direct LED Driver can be found here.

Other products of ENEBRAIN Inc. include an efficient LED module for DIY, COB Light Engine and a Wafer Level Coil.
Information about the application of the products can be found here.

Matchmaking Meetings

Enebrain Inc. is looking for manufacturers of General and/or LED Lighting and manufacturers who want to add LED lighting products to their line-up.

Click here to sign up for a meeting with Mr. Charles Kim, President, EneBrain inc.
Multiple appointments with various delegates are possible. Please click here for a list of the visiting delegation from Suwon, South Korea.

The meetings on 18 May 2017 are informal and without any obligation. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us.

Holland Matchmaking
Dhr. George M. Ammerlaan
+31 (0)20 7600333

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