Suwon Matchmaking Meetings in the Netherlands | May, 2017

18 May 2017, Amsterdam

South Korea has deservedly built up an excellent reputation as a manufacturer of parts, machines and innovative products. A delegation of carefully selected companies from the South Korean city of Suwon, which is also known as “Samsung City”, will visit Amsterdam in May 2017. The goals of the visit are to meet potential trading partners and to learn more about the Netherlands.

On Thursday 18 May, the City of Suwon is organising a free matchmaking event at the Chamber of Commerce in Amsterdam where you can meet representatives of the South Korean companies one-on-one. The meetings will be scheduled between 10:00 and 17:00 hrs..

You can register to meet one or more of the companies herePlease note that the South Korean companies are looking for importers. Following your registration you will receive a conformation.

Please read the profiles of the companies below for more information. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us.

The visiting companies are offering the following products (and more):

EneBrain Inc.
i.a. producer of an AC Direct Led Driver, a COB Light Engine, a Wafer Level Coil and a Cradle for Smart Phones.
Click here for their profile and more information


i.a. The Compact Digital Lock, a lock system based on an innovative digital security platform.
Click here for their profile and more information


Rainus Inc.
i.a. the InforTab – a small, low-power, battery powered, wireless communication device with e-paper display.
Click here for their profile and more information.


i.a. development of synthetic Polyamide for the automotive industry that can achieve weight reduction, lower production costs, eco-friendly and anti-static.
Click here for their profile and more information


Wit Inc.
i.a. specialising in manufacturing high-quality probe stations for the measurement of semiconductors.
Click here for their profile and more information

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